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Awareness of the behaviors to be taken and those to be avoided- by all operators - is the basis for safely performing any task. For this reason, we take particular care of such aspect inside the construction process, providing companies with all the most effective and updated training tools.

  • Training activity
  • Courses for workers, staff responsible for safety, and managers
  • RSPP courses for employers
  • RSPP/ASPP/RLS courses
  • Courses for employees who operate work equipment
  • Courses for operators and persons in charge of road signs
  • Class III PPE courses (fall arrest harnesses and respiratory protection)
  • Courses for operators in confined environments
  • Courses for fire prevention personnel (low and medium risk)
  • Activity in companies
  • Checks on equipment for lifting loads or people
  • Consultancy about safety and health in the workplace
  • Taking up the duties of RSPP/ASPP
  • Production of risk assessment documents - DVR
  • Evaluation of physical risks (noise - vibration)
  • Evaluation of chemical risk (Movarisch and Inforisk methods)
  • Evaluation of risk from possible explosive atmospheres(ATEX)
  • Evaluation of lightning risk
  • Production of DUVRI
  • Production of emergency plans and evacuation procedures

ENGINEERING & consulting



In over 25 years of activity in medium and large projects, Eutek is today the ideal solution for construction companies, other type of companies and individuals. We provide a complete range of engineering, from design to construction management, from testing to site safety, from project and procurement management to technical advice.


We are used to holding positions of responsibility, handled with authority and determination, but with the flexibility necessary to manage complex projects, where a large number of figures and operational problems converge. Our activity is inspired by the principles of reliability, effectiveness, will and enthusiasm.

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